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Who i am

My name is Koliber, pseudonym of Pawel Lukasz Kozak, i’m a Polish record producer.
I started to produce at 15, just for having fun, but at 21 I started to work hard on my DAW to create something real through my passion for house music.
On February 22nd 2018 I released my first single “Crazy for you”.


The Story

Koliber, born Pawel Lukasz Kozak, I was born in Kielce, December 15th 1995. At the age of 9 I move with my family to Italy where I continue my studies and at the age of 15 I discover the Fruity Loops program thanks to which I begin to create my first melodies. In the beginning it was just fun, when I realized that I really like it. At 21 I dedicate much more time to production and I release my first song under the label of Enrico Ranalli "Urbanlife Records". My main musical genre is house music. During my career I have released three songs "Crazy for you" in 2018, "Awakenings Road" and "Dreamcatcher" in 2019. Besides being a DJ, I am also a music producer and I try to express emotions through my music and succeed to make people travel with their mind in different places where they have a memory.

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